CBP deploys temporary fix to ACE Truck e-Manifest issue

Has Customs and Border Protection (CBP) taken longer to examine your cargo in trucks due to issues involving reused Shipment Control Numbers?  If so, know that a temporary fix is in place. 

According to CBP’s Cargo Systems Messaging Service (CSMS),

ACE Truck e-Manifest has been experiencing issues with Shipment Control Numbers (SCN) being reused after 3 years.  The reused SCNs are being incorrectly linked to the older SCN (shipment), which causes CBP to take additional time to examine the scenario and process the trip, and also delays the carrier at the border for an extended period of time while waiting for the trip to be released.  There is a Change Request (CR) being used to develop a permanent resolution for this issue in ACE Truck e-Manifest.  To help facilitate the movement of cargo, and to prevent this problem from continuing until this permanent fix is implemented, the edit that enables an SCN to be reused has been changed from 3 years to 5 years.  Any attempt to reuse a SCN within 5 years will result in a reject as of September 2, 2010. Once the CR has been deployed to ACE Truck e-Manifest, the edit will again allow the reuse of an SCN after 3 years.

See the official CSMS posting here.