CBP hosts informative ISF (10+2) webinar for the trade

As part of its continued public outreach, US Customs (CBP) recently hosted an Importer Security Filing (ISF) webinar for small-to-medium sized importers.  Panelists included John Jurgutis, Branch Chief, Vessel Manifest and ISF, and Craig Clark, Program Manager, who offered the following ISF program highlights:
ISFs by the numbers (1/26/10 – 5/2/10)
  • 2,453,200 ISFs submitted
  • 2,372,907 ISFs accepted (97%)
  • 80,293 ISFs rejected (3%)
  • 2,226 filers
  • 123,000+ importers of record
Top 5 error messages
  • Duplicate ISF
  • Invalid ISF transaction number
  • Invalid country code
  • Invalid HTS#
  • Invalid ID code
Top ISF issues identified
  • How does CBP measure timeliness?
    • Although regulations state 24 hours prior to lading, the practical approach measures by the vessel departure date minus 24 hours
  • Which bill of lading number should be used?
    • Must use the lowest bill of lading transmitted in AMS (house or regular)
  • Importer can’t get a bond because it missed the filing deadline
    • CBP is considering creating a Type 13 “Late ISF” coded transaction
  • Importer did not receive ISF “Bill on File” match message
    • CBP recognizes this as common issue when ISF filing precedes filing of customs manifest; recommends that importer or agent correct bill type on ISF
CBP ISF enforcement strategy
  • Apply a measured, commonsense approach to enforcement
  • Exercise the least amount of force necessary to obtain full compliance
  • Evaluate non-compliance on a case-by-case basis
  • Continue to provide outreach and guidance to the trade.
The webinar’s full PowerPoint presentation is available here.