CBP launches web-based trade violation reporting system

Have knowledge of a suspected violation of US trade law and wish to report it anonymously?  Now you have a mechanism to do so.  As of yesterday, concerned members of the public may avail themselves of US Customs (CBP)’s eAllegations program, an online tool accessible directly from the CBP website.   The eAllegations tool is to be used to report illegal trade activity, such as quota circumvention or misclassification of imports, intellectual property rights infringement, misclassification of merchandise, and country of origin markings.  It is not intended as a resource for notifying the agency of issues which poses an immediate threat to public health and/or safety — rather, those circumstances should be reported to CBP’s 1-800-BE-ALERT hotline.

More details about the eAllegations program are available in the CBP’s press release or frequently asked questions.