How are you preparing for CBP’s intent to increase audit activity in the coming months?

At a recent American Association of Exporters & Importers (AAEI) Western Regional conference, Bob Allen of Customs & Border Protection’s (CBP) Regulatory Audit unit stated that the agency plans to increase its audit staff by 50+ over the next several years with a goal of auditing importers identified through its risk based approach.   Mr. Allen indicated that, from an enforcement and penalty standpoint, CPB expects that an importer will have a comprehensive understanding of their import operations, even if the importer outsources its customs compliance to a third party.

In order to assist importers in gaining visibility into their import process, and to help avoid audit pitfalls, CustomsNow offers a high level, low cost review of your “Importer Trade Activity” (ITRAC) report.

This report can identify:

  • thorough understanding of your US import operations
  • risk areas where penalties and fines may be assessed for non-compliance with Customs and trade laws
  • duty savings and potential planning opportunities such as “First Sale for Export”, FTZs and other applicable special trade programs

For more information on our ITRAC review program, please contact CustomsNow.