Ocean carriers and air freight industry optimistic on economy

In developing their business strategies, logistics professionals need to, of course, take a global view.   In a recent post, Is It Smooth Sailing and Clear Skies for Ocean and Air Cargo?, SupplyChainBrain looks at the bigger supply chain picture, through the lens of ocean carriers and air freight transporters.  Each industry has attempted to weather the global economic storm by reducing, retrenching and reconfiguring.   Although each suffered significant losses in 2009 and 2010, both are hopeful that their recent actions will poise them for growth in a global economic turnaround.   As the article notes:

As in ocean transportation, those air cargo providers who are best positioned for the recovery are the ones who have pared costs but are ready to provide a full palate of services. Perhaps there’s a lesson in what airfreight forwarders have done for years: diversify.

Learn what these service providers are doing, and see how it jives with your strategic planning.