New Customs process for FDA entries and exams at the Port of Los Angeles

For those in the trade who file FDA entries at the Port of Los Angeles, be aware of recent US Customs process changes to expedite the FDA examination process.

Filers are “strongly encouraged” to transmit FDA data at the lowest reportable level.  Thus, even though two commodities may be classified under a single HTS number, if their preparation results in different “processed” goods, the filer must break out the goods at the “processed” level when filing the FDA entry.

Generally, any cargo that is listed on an entry under FDA exam status must be held in one location for the inspection.  However, any portion of such cargo for which FDA has previously issued a “May Proceed” can be released by the importer while the remainder undergoes the FDA exam.

The official notice may be found here, and the “May Proceed” clarification here.

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