Imports from Japan – update from FDA re: radionuclide contamination

In response to the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan, the US Food and Drug Administration has taken steps to minimize or eliminate any radionuclide contamination from certain products imported to the US from Japan.

According to FDA Import Alert 99-33, FDA may detain without physical inspection covered food products from the following prefectures of Japan:  Fukushima, Gunma, Ibaraki, and Tochigi.

The covered products include:

  • (09 – – – –) Milk/Butter/Dried Milk Prod (Desc:Milk /Butter/Dried Milk Products)
  • (14 – – – –) Filled Milk/Imit Milk Prod (Desc:Filled Milk/Imitation Milk Products)
  • (20 – – – –) Fruit/Fruit Prod (Desc:Fruit/Fruit Prod)
  • (21 – – – –) Fruit/Fruit Prod (Desc:Fruit/Fruit Prod)
  • (22 – – – –) Fruit/Fruit Prod (Desc:Fruit/Fruit Prod)
  • (24 – – – –) Vegetables/Vegetable Products (Desc:Vegetables/Vegetable Prod)
  • (25 – – – –) Vegetables/Vegetable Products (Desc:Vegetables/Vegetable Prod)
  • (40 C – – 01) Milk Base Formula Product (Similac, Enfamil, Etc) (Baby) (Desc:Milk based formula)
  • (40 C – – 99) Formula Products (Milk and Milk Substitutes) (Baby) (Desc:Formula Products (Milk) Baby)

Detained products may be released by providing evidence that they do not originate from the listed prefectures, or that they do not contain violative levels of radionuclide contamination (based on lab analysis).

FDA has increased surveillance of all products from the affected prefectures, and products from other areas of Japan.

FDA Import Alert 99-33 may be viewed here, and the pertinent US Customs CSMS notice is available here.

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