April 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update

US Customs has just issued its April 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update.

Highlights include:

  • Overview of step taken in resolving an ACE trouble ticket
  • Step-by-step instructions (with screen shots) for merging ACE reports using Microsoft Access
  • CBP’s security update to the ACE Secure Data Portal, which discontinues the SSL protocol, and requires the use of TSL protocol on browsers to access ACE
  • Recent ACE Updates
    • Resolved issue relating to ACE incorrectly changing contol status of ACE entry summaries
    • Added “Links” in ACE navigation for future functionality which will allow users to navigate between ACE Portal and ISF Portal
  • Guidance for truck carriers for amending the date of birth of drivers
  • Answers to the trade’s questions on ACE
  • And more

The ACE Trade Account Owner Update is available here.

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