Post Summary Correction (PSC) functionality in ACE – who will use it?

At last month’s US Customs Trade Symposium, many importers learned that they would soon be able to file electronic Post Summary Corrections (PSCs) in ACE up to 270 days after the date of entry.  This functionality, expected in June, will benefit both the trade and CBP.

The trade will gain significant time in which to submit post-entry corrections (currently 10 days if filing in ACS rather than ACE), and will no longer need to manually prepare and submit Post Entry Amendments (PEAs).  And CBP will gain valuable time back as it will not need to manually enter corrections into ACS.

Based on this development, one would surmise that the trade would be lining up to file directly into ACE instead of ACS.

Currently, however, only 1-2% of entries are filed in ACE, and the addition of PSC functionality may not be sufficient to increase this number.  As observed at the Trade Symposium, importers and brokers are reluctant to file in ACE since it still does not use the entry edits that were programmed into ACS over many years (e.g., HTS does not qualify for an SPI; computed duty is inaccurate; product does not qualify for an HTS due to value/quantity).

Moreover, the trade has concerns about the amount of work that remains to be done to complete ACE, its stability during this state of flux, and the fact that not all transactions are yet supported by ACE.  Accordingly, many filers are taking a “wait and see” approach.

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