ISF filers: Watch for modified edits for bond and carnet data

Per US Customs’ CSMS# 11-000116:

On June 18, 2011, a number of Importer Security Filing (ISF) edits relating to bond data and carnet data will be converted from warnings to rejections. Please, be sure that any ISF transactions are fully compliant with these edits prior to that date. If you have any questions, comments, or issues related to these edits, please contact your assigned Client Representative.

  • Error Codes
    • SA7     Cont Bond Not on File
    • SA8     Cont Bond Not Active
    • SA9     Bond Holder Not Active
    • SAA     Cont Bond is Insufficient
    • SA1     Missing Carnet Country
    • SA2     Missing Carnet Number
    • SA3     Carnet Country Not on File

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