June 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update

US Customs has just issued its June 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update.

Highlights include:

  • The Participating Government Agencies (PGA) Message Set has been approved, and CBP will now begin to implement the message set in ACE.
    • The message set is a harmonized set of information needed by federal agencies to approve imports of cargo.
    • As Customs enforces import laws for nearly 50 government agencies, the message set will allow the trade to supply all necessary data electronically one time and in one place — ACE — to expedite cargo release approval by all agencies with jurisdiction.
    • CBP targets late 2011 for completion of the technology to allow for pilot testing of message set functionality.
  • Post Summary Corrections (PSCs) – Customs deployed PSC functionality in ACE for ACE type 01 and 03 entry summaries.  Updated user guide and other revised reference materials, as well as web-based training, now available at CBP’s website.
    • Also, Customs has provided answers to several questions from the trade on PSC issues.

The ACE Trade Account Owner Update is available here.

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