May 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update

US Customs has just issued its May 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update.

Highlights include:

  • Post Summary Correction (PSC) functionality will be available this month for entry ACE type 01 and 03 summaries filed in ACE
    • PSC will replace Post Entry Amendment (PEA) hardcopy process
    • CBP will not review each PSC and assume that the filed data is the most current
    • PSC filer is a newly added field, and if the PSC is filed by someone other than the entry summary filer, ownership of the entry summary is moved to the PSC filer
      • PSC filer is only entity that can view specific entry summary that was corrected
      • Original filer gets notice of PSC, but can run an ACE query that provides some limited information on PSC correction
      • Original filer does not receive courtesy notice of liquidation via ABI
  • e-Manifest: Rail & Sea testing – Customs working with “early adopter” trade members to determine readiness to transmit actual data to ACE; trade testing is going “extremely well.”
  • Recent ACE updates
  • Answers to the trade’s questions on ACE
  • And more

The ACE Trade Account Owner Update is available here.

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