July 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update

US Customs has just issued its July 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update.

Highlights include:

  • Next ACE Release:  e-Manifest:  Rail and Sea.
    • Given the success of e-Manifests:  Trucks, CBP will allow rail and sea carriers to transmit electronic manifest data to ACE (in accordance with Customs’ plan to replace AMS with ACE; CBP expects ACS to be decommissioned for rail and sea manifests by July 2012)
    • Trade testing successfully completed; trade pilot to begin in September, with port rollout in Baltimore, Buffalo and Brownsville to follow in October
    • Deployment will provide numerous benefits to the trade, as well as new rules and edits.
  • New ISF capabilities deployed on July 13 – See our previous blog post for more details.
  • Cargo Release Update – CBP has completed specifications documents, which are now under formal review; design and acquisition phase expected to commence in early 2012.

The ACE Trade Account Owner Update is available here.

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