ACE courtesy notice of liquidation reports – not ready yet

As mentioned in our blog post of September 9, to save on postage, US Customs is terminating the paper courtesy notice of liquidation notices.  Since importers who hire customs brokers to file their entry summaries via ABI will now no longer receive a paper courtesy notice, CBP is reprogramming ACE to allow importers of record to establish its own ACE Portal Account to monitor entry filings made using the importer’s IOR number.

Unfortunately, the trade and others are trying to access those reports prematurely — in advance of the announced September 30 ready date — which is adversely affecting the reprogramming.   Following is Customs’ request for patience:

CBP has not completed the deployment process for the AM 100 Courtesy Notice Liquidation Report.  We are asking both the field and the trade to refrain from running the report or pulling any ad hoc data from the new liquidation tables until they have received an update that the deployment is complete.  The hits on the tables by users are impacting the initial data load into the report’s tables.

The official notice is here.

Today, CBP also published a clarification of the termination of paper courtesy notices for those needing additional guidance.

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