August 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update

US Customs has just issued its August 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update.

Highlights include:

  • e-Manifest:  Rail and Sea deployed but not in use yet
    • Given the success of e-Manifests:  Trucks, CBP deployed the functionality on August 27 to allow rail and sea carriers to transmit electronic manifest data to ACE.
    • Customs will continue testing the of the code in production, and will notify the trade when it will be available for use.
  • New ACE capabilities deployed on August 29 and September 5
    • Carriers may view continuous bonds, as well as view and verify ocean conveyances, in their ACE Portal Accounts
    • Carriers may create a list of authorized bond users
    • Brokers may create rail entry banks
    • Users may save customized reports in shared reports folder
  • Reminder: PSCs – As of September 22, post summary corrections will replace the post entry amendment (PEA) procedures to amend pre-liquidation summaries (see our previous blog post on this topic).
  • New CPB Forms 301 and 301A for customs bonds – Forms will replace previous versions; CBP to accept old forms through December 31
  • Elimination of paper courtesy notices of liquidation – Customs is discontinuing this service as of September 30, and will be updating ACE to provide a new ACE report that provides the information as contained in the paper notice

The ACE Trade Account Owner Update is available here.

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