Importers must use PSC for entry summaries filed in ACE

As discussed in our blog post of May 9, Post Summary Correction (PSC) functionality became available in June for entry ACE type 01 and 03 summaries filed in ACE.  One of the notable benefits of this new functionality is an importer’s ability to file electronic PSCs in ACE up to 270 days after the date of entry (currently 10 days if filing in ACS rather than ACE).   The PSC procedure is intended to replace the existing Post Entry Amendment (PEA) hard copy process.

At the launch of this functionality, US Customs established a grace period during which importers could continue to file hard copy PEAs.   That grace period formally ends on September 22, 2011.  As of that date, CBP will not accept PEAs for entry summaries filed in ACE; rather, importers must use PSCs.

See CBP’s official notice here.

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