Guidance for entry deletion and cancellation

US Customs recently updated its guidance on entry deletion and entry or entry summary cancellation to correct errors contained in the previous version.

An entry deletion refers to completely removing entry data from the system of record – either ACS or ACE.  Conversely, entry or entry summary cancellation refers to “rendering entry summary data inactive” in the system of record, although CBP will retain the entry summary data for historical purposes.

  • Entry deletion may only be used in very limited circumstances, and may be requested only up until CBP cargo release processing occurs and the provisional release notification is system generated.
  • Once the processing has occurred, then entry or entry summary cancellation must be used.   This encompasses situations such as where merchandise was denied admission by a PGA and either destroyed or exported, or where merchandised was seized at the port of entry.

The guidance also provides advice on requesting refunds of duties, fees and taxes on a cancelled entry summary, and discusses CBP policy on entry substitution and liquidated damages.

The guidance is available here.

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