Simplified entry process pilot expected soon

US Customs said last week that it has made great strides towards establishing a simplified entry process.  After having worked closely on this issue with the Trade Support Network, a group representing the trade, CBP said to expect a Federal Register notice soon to announce a trial program and solicit participants.

The simplified entry is designed to reduce the number of documentation requirements on the entry, which will streamline the process and reduce costs for both importers and Customs.  The majority of the ISF data elements, but not all, will be required fields.  It will also include additional data elements, such as 10-digit HTS code, estimated value, and an entry number; however, importers will no longer need to be concerned with including the manifest quantity.

Simplified entries will be available for ocean, air, rail, and truck shipments.  Importers must be in Tier 2 or Tier 3 of the C-TPAT program, file their simplified entries in ACE, and meet a few other requirements to avail themselves of the new program.

More details on the simplified entry program are available in the American Shipper article, “CBP makes headway on simplified entry,” available here.  (site registration required for access to entire article).  In addition, Customs has provided additional information in the “Simplified Processes Fact Sheet,” which is posted on AAEI’s website.

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