Country of origin – how the Chinese honey industry flouted the rules

As recently reported on National Public Radio, members of the US honey industry have taken major steps to prevent the importation into this country of Chinese honey purportedly from other countries.

In response to anti-dumping concerns, in 2008 the United States imposed significant duties on Chinese honey.  Almost immediately, shipments of Chinese honey ceased, while imports of honey from China’s neighbors, such as Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia – with no commercial beekeeping history – increased markedly.

Scientific analysis of that honey revealed an absence of pollen present in those countries, but typical of pollen found in China, leading to charges of false labeling and fraud.

Now, with an sudden surge in honey imports from India, another Chinese neighbor, some members of the US honey industry have established True Source Honey, LLC, an organization that certifies foreign honey as authentically from the stated country of origin through audits, lab analysis and random inspection of honey producers.

Read or listen to NPR’s story, “Funny honey?  Bringing Trust to a Sector Full of Suspicion.”

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