ACE — emphasis and participation growing

As reported in American Shipper, the number of entries filed in ACE (as opposed to ACS, which is being phased out), has increased from 1% to 3% as of November 2011, a small yet signficant jump.  This is no doubt due to recent ACE enhancements, as well as the growing encouragement by CBP, and National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America, for the trade to transition to filing entries in the ever-improving ACE.

US Customs’s emphasis on ACE is quite apparent from the agency’s 2011 ACE Wrap-up:


  • CBP hosted a Webinar for brokers and importers on Working with ACE Forms and Declarations


  • CBP deployed fixes to AD/CVD Messages and the Entry Summary Universe report dates


  • CBP made a security update to the ACE Portal discontinuing the use of SSL 
protocol while maintaining the use of the TLS protocol
  • CBP hosted the 2011 Trade Symposium


  • A revised version of the Entry Summary Business Rules and Process Document 
was posted to


  • The first PSC entry summary was filed successfully in ACE production
  • A draft version of the PGA Message Set was posted to CBP successfully 
deployed Post Summary Corrections
  • An updated version of the Post Summary Corrections Web Based Training was 
made available to the trade


  • A link was provided from the ACE Portal to the Importer Security Filing (ISF) Portal for accounts to receive their monthly ISF Progress Reports
  • CBP began sharing data from the ACE Truck e-Manifest system with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)


  • e-Manifest: Rail and Sea Web Based Training was made available to the trade
  • CBP successfully deployed ACE e-Manifest: Rail and Sea


  • CBP hosted a Webinar for brokers and importers on Post Summary Corrections
  • Mandatory use of post summary corrections for entry summaries file in ACE
  • CBP delivered the new Courtesy Notice of Liquidation Report
  • CBP hosted the Trade Support Network Plenary session


  • CBP hosted a Webinar for importers on the Courtesy Notice of Liquidation report


  • CBP began successfully accepting ocean manifests from trade participants in ACE


  • CBP began successfully accepting rail manifests from trade participants in ACE
  • Officers at Baltimore, Brownsville, and Buffalo began using
  • ACE M1 for all ocean 
and rail processing
  • CBP hosted a Webinar for rail and sea carriers on ACE portal navigation
  • CBP hosted a Webinar for rail and sea carriers, brokers and importers on running 
the new Multi-Modal Manifest Reports

The America Shipper article, “ACE participation picks up,” can be found here. (site registration required).  The ACE wrap-up, and other ACE related news, are available in CBP’s December 2011 ACE Trade Account Owner Update.

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