ACE – New report to see late ISF filings

US Customs has announced that a new ISF Report is available in ACE for importers and filers to monitor whether any of their own filings are late.  Note:  Although the report is available in ACE, it tracks ISFs filed in both ACE and ACS.

Users will need to subscribe to the “Late ISF Importer Report (PDF).”   Use the steps below to subscribe to the new report:

  1. After logging onto the ACE Secure Data Portal, select the References Tab.
  2. Select Launch ISF.
  3. Select Reports.
  4. Select Subscribe to Reports.
  5. Select the Late ISF Importer Report (PDF).

Filers are reminded that the “By Filer By Importer Report” is available in both a PDF and an Excel format.

CBP’s official notice is available here.

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