What’s in store for ACE in 2012?

US Customs continues to make good on its promise to focus resources on ACE improvements.  According to the ACE Trade Account Owner January 2012 update, here’s what’s in store for this year:

e-Manifest:  Rail and Sea (M1)

  • M1 pilot is underway, with full implementation expected in March
  • Rail and sea manifest processing in AMS expected to cease in September

Simplified Entry

  • Testing to begin in late January and pilot to launch in March

Document Image System

  • EPA and Marine Fisheries Service will join in CBP pilot test later this year

Participating Government Agency (PGA) Message Set

  • Full integration with Trade and other system components should occur as part of cargo release
  • Scheduled to be integrated with Simplified Entry Initiative later this year


  • In early 2012, CBP will kick off requirements gathering process

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