CBP outlines benefits to the trade from ACE

As mentioned previously in this blog, one of US Customs’ top priorities is enhancement of ACE so that it may supplant ACS in two years as the main electronic filing system for import of cargo.

To that end, CBP has been touting ACE at every opportunity, as part of its mission to generate awareness and interest among the trade.  Customs has recently published a document, “Trade Benefits from the Automated Commercial Environment,” that does a fantastic job of setting out a summary of functionality currently deployed in ACE, as well as the benefits that accrue to various segments of the trade.

The functionality currently deployed includes:

  • e-Manifest:  Truck
  • e-Manifest: Rail and Sea
  • Entry Summary Filings
  • Post-Summary Correction filings
  • ACE Secure Data Portal Accounts
  • Periodic Monthly Statements
  • ACE Reporting

The document then outlines the specific benefits, by functionality, that apply to the following trade segments:

  • Trade Account Owners
  • Brokers
  • Carriers
  • Importers
  • Sureties

Interestingly, CBP also highlights benefits for Self-Filers; that is, those who self-file their customs entries. The benefits are numerous and significant, and are just another reason to direct file entries…in ACE.

The complete ACE benefits document is available here.

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