ACE mandatory for sea and rail manifests on September 29

The 6-month countdown has begun.

After a successful pilot program (known as M1),  US Customs has announced that ACE will be the only CBP-approved EDI for transmitting required advance information for ocean and rail cargo to CBP, effective September 29, 2012.

As of that date, AMS will no longer be available for this purpose.

Here’s some additional information on scope of the M1 pilot:

To date, 24 trade participants have completed the certification testing described in the M1 test notice and are transmitting their advance ocean and rail cargo information in ACE. Another 11 trade participants are currently involved in certification testing. The port of Baltimore, Maryland began utilizing ACE for processing ocean cargo on November 30, 2011. The ports of Buffalo, New York and Brownsville, Texas began using ACE for processing ocean and rail cargo on December 5, 2011. To date, 91 ports are using ACE for ocean and/or rail processing.

Clearly, the march to full utilization of ACE is well underway.

The official Federal Register notice of the transition to ACE for e-Manifests (sea and rail) is available here.

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