“Role of the broker” webinars coming

Last week, US Customs announced several upcoming webinars for soliciting comments on the proposed overhaul of current customs broker regulations (19 CFR Part 111).  CBP desires to modernize the regulations “to better reflect modern and efficient trade practices, and encourage brokers to be force multipliers for CBP’s trade facilitation efforts.”

The webinars commence on June 7th and extend through the end of September.  In addition, Customs officials will meet with local broker organizations this summer to expand the dialog.  Topics to be discussed include:

  • Continuing education for licensed brokers
  • “Business model alignment” between the trade and CBP (geography/districts)
  • Automation of customs broker exam and transforming licensing procedures
  • Allowing accredited brokers to evaluate importers’ ISA applications

Customs’ official announcement can be found here.  Also, more detail is available in CBP’s May 2012 document, “Trade Transformation – CBP Initiatives for 21st Century Trade” (pages 13-15).

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