US Customs to test document image system (DIS)

In a move to bring about additional ACE functionality, US Customs recently announced a test of a new Document Image System (DIS), which will allow for the electronic filing of certain import-related documents with CBP and other PGAs, instead of via conventional paper methods.

The test is open to importers and brokers who are already ACE entry summary filers, who have received approval from their CBP client representatives prior to participation.

The first phase of DIS testing will be limited to submission of documents that are “in response to a request [by CBP or PGA] for entry summary documentation or in response to a request for release documentation for certified ACE entry summaries.”

The types of documents that may be submitted during this phase of testing include:

  • Commercial invoices
  • Packing lists
  • Invoice working sheets
  • TSCA import certification forms
  • Specified EPA, APHIS and NOAA forms

One more point:  Any document submitted via DIS is deemed an electronic copy of an original document and subject to Customs’ recordkeeping requirements.

Additional information is available in the Federal Register announcement for DIS testing.

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