Highlights from 2012 AAEI Conference

CustomsNow recently attended and exhibited at the 2012 America Association of Exporters & Importers (AAEI) conference in Washington, DC.  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth to learn more about direct filing.

This year’s conference theme was “Back to the Basics and Beyond.”  Two key discussion topics were:

Centers of Excellence & Expertise (CEEs)

CBP and panelists provided an overview of the pilot program (see our previous blog post), which is moving along very well for pharmaceuticals and electronics, and updates on:

  • Port outreach
  • Enforcement
  • CBP organizational structure and staffing
  • Facilitating legitimate trade via risk segmentation
  • Proposed locations for next CEEs

Simplified Entry

Similarly, an overview of the pilot program was provided (see our previous blog post), as well as next steps:

  • Bring on all pilot participants
  • Expansion to other ports
  • Addition of new functionality
  • Expand to other modes of transportation (besides air cargo)

A PowerPoint presentation discussing the above topics and more can be found here:  Beyond the Border and Trade Facilitation

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