New Center of Excellence & Expertise opens for auto and aerospace imports

Yesterday, CBP officially opened the newest Center of Excellence & Expertise (CEE) for importers in the automotive and aerospace industries.  The center, based in the port of Detroit, is the third CEE that US Customs has launched, following the success of the pharmaceutical center in New York and the electronics center in Los Angeles.

According to CBP, the Centers of Excellence & Expertise, devoted to a particular industry,

… offer one-stop processing to lower the trade’s cost of business, provide greater consistency and predictability and enhance CBP enforcement efforts. The centers are coordinated from strategic locations, but are manned by CBP personnel across the country. The centers represent CBP’s expanded focus on “Trade in the 21st Century,” transforming customs procedures to align with modern business. By having the centers focus on industry-specific issues, CBP is able to provide tailored support to unique trading environments.

A fourth CEE, with a focus on the petroleum, natural gas, and minerals industries, is expected to open in Houston later this month.

CBP’s official announcement on the Detroit CEE can be found here.  In addition, please see our previous blog posts that touch on the CEE program.

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