Retail peak season looking up despite possible ILA strike

Consistent with earlier predictions, retailers are bullish on the upcoming peak season.  As reported in American Shipper, “[r]etailers are bringing in more merchandise for the holiday season this year,” according to National Retail Federation Vice President for Supply Chain and Customs Policy Jonathan Gold.

Imports into key US ports followed by Global Port Tracker were measurably higher in August, as compared to last year’s tally, and the forecast for the remaining months of 2012 is a year-over-year increase.

A potential strike by the International Longshoremen’s Association at East and Gulf Coast ports later this month may have been responsible for some of the August increase, with retailers trying to hurry shipments into the US before a strike.   Also, some retailers are switching deliveries from potentially strike-affected ports to West Coast ports as a precaution.

Access the American Shipper article here (site registration required).

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