Entry cancellation for FDA merchandise at LA/LB Seaport

At a trade forum last week, CBP’s Entry Division at the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport provided instructions for entry cancellations for FDA-regulated merchandise:

  • All cancellations for FDA-refused merchandise must be processed through Team Federal Drug Redelivery (FDR)
    • Exception – You may cancel your entry only if instructed by FDA to re-transmit the data
    • At no other time should you present a cancellation to entry with an outstanding FDA notice of sampling
  • Team FDA will refund any duties and fees due if the product was found to be prohibited
  • If all imported product was prohibited and subsequently exported or destroyed under CBP supervision, the entry will be submitted to the CBP Entry Team for cancellation by Team FDR

Additionally, US Customs’ procedures for general entry deletion and entry summary cancellation can be found here.

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