COAC, what have you done for us lately? A lot, it seems.

In the January 2013 print edition of American Shipper, the editorial board sang the praises of the 12th Department of Homeland Security Commercial Operations Advisory Committee (COAC), whose term recently expired.

COAC works closely with CBP, providing an industry perspective to new trade initiatives.  The most recent assemblage of COAC “worked relentlessly for the last two years, producing 43 total recommendations that CBP is implementing or still reviewing.”  Here are some examples of their collaborative efforts:

We are hoping the 13th COAC will build on this momentum in 2013 and beyond, including assistance in securing funding to support ACE modernization.

One thought on “COAC, what have you done for us lately? A lot, it seems.”

  1. According to American Shipper, outgoing COAC members are:

    1. Robert DeCamp, director of regulatory affairs, Deringer Logistics Consulting Group
    2. Colleen Clark, Roanoke Trade Services, Inc.
    3. MIchael Ford, vice president of regulatory compliance and quality, BDP International
    4. Don Huber, global customs manager, General Electric
    5. Karen Lobdell, director global solutions, Integration Point
    6. Barbara Vatier, an air cargo expert previously with the AIr Transport Association and now director of transportation and trade for government contractor Agilex.
    7. Jeffrey Whale, assistant general counsel for customs and international trade, Nike Inc.

    Huber and Lobdell were the co-chairs of the industry side of the advisory committee.

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