FDA: Ensure renewal of foreign food facility registrations

Importing food into the US from a foreign food facility?  Make sure that facility has a valid — and renewed — registration with the US Food & Drug Administration.  Otherwise, FDA may hold the imported food at the port, or even refuse import of that food.

Last year, FDA experienced a delay with the registration renewal process, and thus had issued a grace period from enforcement for “late” registration renewals submitted prior to January 31, 2013.  Now, however, enforcement will commence.  To that end, FDA offers the following guidance:

…[I]mport filers who file prior notices for food shipments [should] take proactive action and contact clients with high-volume food shipments, inquire about the FSMA food facility registration renewal status of foreign manufacturing facilities associated to their shipments, and confirm any new registration numbers. Doing so could greatly mitigate any prior notice shipment delays related to registration on or after February 1, 2013.

See CBP’s CSMS# 13-000044 for more details.

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