Deadline nears for AAEI Conference early bird rates

aaei 2013 conf

Planning on attending the AAEI 92nd Annual Conference & Expo in Washington, DC in June?  If you haven’t yet registered, be advised that on May 9th,  the early bird registration deadline will lapse and the registration fee will increase by $50.  Find registration and other conference information here.

This year’s conference theme is Globalization:  Policy and Practice.  As usual, the schedule is jam-packed with compelling topics and speakers.  In addition, CustomsNow will proudly return as an exhibitor, providing attendees with the latest updates on establishing and managing a direct filing import program.



Back-up plan for strike-crippled Port of Hong Kong

As a strike by dockworkers that has battered operations at the Port of Hong Kong enters its fourth week, the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council has devised a back-up plan to continue to move goods.

According to Carbon Positive, the Council has negotiated with the Port of Guangdong on mainland China to divert Hong Kong cargo there, as well as receive expedited clearance of diverted cargo by Guangdong customs officials.  The Council has been working in tandem with the Federation of Hong Kong Industries for an alternative course of action to avoid even more shipping delays in advance of next month’s peak season.

The Port of Hong Kong is one of the world’s busiest.

Port of Hong Kong, HK Container Terminal.  © 2006 by Photocapy.  All rights reserved
Port of Hong Kong, HK Container Terminal. © 2006 by Photocapy. All rights reserved

For FDA import detentions, better to submit electronic lab reports

fdalogoThe US Food & Drug Administration recently issued CSMS# 13-000181, providing guidance for importers of products subject to detention without physical examination (DWPE).  In the case of such detention, FDA accepts private laboratory analysis reports in support of an importer’s case to address any alleged violation.  Although the agency accepts both paper and electronic versions of these reports, it prefers that the analysis be submitted in an electronic format for faster review and processing by FDA.

Unfortunately, importers cannot submit the lab reports via ITACS, FDA’s current system that allows electronic submission of other documents related to import entry (and it’s not clear when, if ever, that will be the case).    Instead, the agency requires that importers make any such electronic submissions in accordance with the rules of the specific FDA District having jurisdiction, which may, for example, have a special email account established for this purpose.


Simplified Entry by the numbers

Since our last report in October, US Customs’ Simplified Entry (cargo release) pilot has made significant strides:

  • Nearly 68,000 entries filed, a 143% increase
  • 788 participating importers, up from 600
  • 33 pilot ports, up from 13

In addition, CBP recently started development work for automated correction and deletion functionality, which will allow the trade to update, via EDI, any previously filed Simplified Entries.  No more manual process!

For this and other developments on the ACE front, see CBP’s March 2013 “ACEopedia.”

More improvements underway at Port of Long Beach

© 2013 Port of Long Beach

Last week, officials at the Port of Long Beach kicked off the Green Port Gateway project, an $84 million undertaking to “remove a railroad bottleneck and build additional on-dock capacity.”  The project involves realigning a rail route, adding a railyard and constructing a third rail line.

The Green Port Gateway construction is to align with the port’s Middle Harbor Terminal project, already underway, which will add capacity for the nation’s second busiest port to handle 3 million cargo containers.