New ISF liquidated damages warrant auditing ISF filings in ACE


In light of US Customs’ announcement that it will be assessing liquidated damages for ISF violations starting July 9, importers should take affirmative steps to monitor whether their ISF filings are timely and accurate.

Specifically, importers who self-file their ISFs as well as those who use a third party to file ISFs can access reports, via ACE, to audit compliance.  Importers should use ACE for this purpose, even if the ISFs were filed in ACS (CBP’s legacy system that ACE will replace), as ACS filings are automatically sent to ACE, CBP’s new system of record.

To access ACE, importers must first establish an ACE portal account (see CBP’s guidance on this topic).

To gain access to ACE’s ISF portal and run the appropriate ISF reports, follow the instructions in CBP’s guidance document ACE – Accessing ISF Portal and Reports.



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