What actual users are saying about the benefits of ACE


As published in US Customs’ June 2013 “ACEopedia”, real users are talking about the tangible, significant economic benefits they now realize by using ACE for trade processing:

  • “This system makes it more secure to transfer goods. We can track what is in the shipment, where it is now, and where it is going. Drivers, no longer waiting a day for their shipment to arrive, can get on the road, and businesses are thrilled not to have to pay for their accommodations during layovers anymore. Fast delivery leads to fresher produce, which is the major import from the southern border, and quick arrival to markets leads to better business and buyer gratification.” –  Jose Santana, President, J.D. Transport
  • “I use the reports feature extensively. It is extremely valuable to us. I am able to view the value for each of the Importer of Record numbers and the number of imports. The individual importers can see the number of compliance reviews by CBP and the compliance rate, including the reason for discrepancies, even down to the port level.”  Don Huber, Customs Manager, GE
  • “If the cash flow advantage alone in not enough to entice importers to take advantage of the ACE Secure Data Portal, access to payment information and reporting tools is a signification bonus for importers who have no on-line access to import data stored within the Automated Commercial System (ACS).”  Ronald Schoof, Global Trade Compliance Manager, Caterpillar Inc.
  • “Drivers are saving on average three to four hours per day, per driver, which increases their overall earnings.”  Bart Smith, President, Olmstead Transportation
  • “The e-Manifest process offers faster, more predictable processing of shipments. We’ve been processing e-Manifests with 100 percent success. The drivers really like the system and the time it saves them.”  Jevon Jamieson, ABF Freight System Inc.
  • “We’ve benefited from ACE Periodic Payment, which streamlines the flow of goods by eliminating the need to pay duties and taxes on a transaction-by-transaction basis.”  Eric Dalby, Global Trade Services Specialist, Kellwood Global NY 

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