Sound off: How effective are CBP’s trade facilitation efforts?

surveyCOAC, the Advisory Committee on the Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection, wants to know how successful US Customs’ trade facilitation efforts are at lowering the trade’s cost and burden of doing business.  To that end, COAC has posted the next installment of its annual survey, seeking responses from both importers and import service providers on current, planned and future CBP facilitation efforts.

As a result of the highly successful 2012 survey, CBP was able to proceed with the following achievements:

  • Establish a working group to analyze CBP’s current partnership programs based on survey feedback.
  • Begin work on establishing Centers for Excellence and Expertise (CEE) metrics – including a customer satisfaction survey and the pursuit of academic studies on the CEEs.

COAC will tally the trade efficiency survey results by respondent type and industry type, and make recommendations to US Customs for future efforts.

The survey can be found here.  All responses will be kept anonymous.  Last day to respond is Tuesday, July 23.



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