ACE: CBP hard at work integrating 47 PGAs


As importers know, US Customs does not operate in a vacuum in regulating the flow of goods into US ports.  Rather, there are 47 other Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) that have some degree of oversight of shipments for entry.  As CBP gears up for full deployment of ACE in 2016, all PGAs must be integrated with ACE, creating a “single window” for trade processing.

The International Trade Data System (ITDS) is a federal inter-agency program that assists PGAs in identifying, documenting, and executing their plan to leverage ACE to improve business operations and further agency missions.

In a recent presentation for the Trade Support Network (TSN), CBP highlighted its work with the ITDS Task Force and provided a current status of ACE integration for PGAs:

  • CBP meeting with FDA every two weeks to work onboarding plan
  • Near term PGAs:
    • Data:  Census, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    • Export licensing:  Bureau of Industry and Security, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
    • Hazardous waste monitoring:  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • PGAs currently onboard:
    • DIS:  National Marine Fisheries Service, Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, EPA, Defense Contract Management Agency
    • Interoperability:  FSIS, Agriculture Marketing Service, U.S. Coast Guard, Consumer Product Safety Commission
    • PGA Message Set (October):  EPA, FSIS

(TSN briefing presentation > Stakeholder Webinar 080813-ALL)

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