American Shipper: C-TPAT, ISA benefits questioned


In the August 2013 print edition of American Shipper, the magazine highlighted its Import Operations and Compliance Benchmark Study which was released in May.  In particular, the focus was on the results of one part of the study — a survey of over 100 shippers on the effectiveness of US Customs’ C-TPAT and ISA programs.

Unfortunately, the results were not particularly positive.

As for C-TPAT:

  • 11% – Receiving all promised benefits of C-TPAT
  • 29% – Receiving some, but not all, of the expected benefits of C-TPAT
  • 7% – Receiving less than expected benefits of C-TPAT
  • 20% – Receiving no benefit from C-TPAT
  • 33% – Uncertain if C-TPAT is effective

As for ISA, “a third of respondents say they derive no benefit from the program, and nearly one half say they are uncertain of its benefits.”

The study is available here (registration required).



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