Enticing young supply chain professionals with SaaS

cni screenHow do you attract today’s 80 million Millennials (born ~1982-2002) to careers in supply chain?  As reported in a recent post by Dan Dershem on LogsticsViewpoints.com, there are “dwindling numbers of younger professionals” coming in to the field.  Dershem strongly suggests luring this talent pool with the right technology to do their jobs — specifically SaaS-based systems.

SaaS, short for Software as a Service, essentially enables one to use software, while the provider maintains the hardware, performs upgrades, backs up the data… and keeps the software running (learn more here).

Millennials — also known as Generation Y — have grown up immersed in technology and it is second nature to them.  Supply chain systems that are SaaS-based are a natural fit.  According to Dershem:

“For example, most VPs of Supply Chain know that their [trade management system] needs to have a high uptime, but Millennials know that installed and hosted software is challenging when it comes to keeping things up and running.  Crashes, slow loading times, or constant upgrades are not the way to win over this group.  Instead, SaaS-based, web-enabled solutions that can be accessed from anywhere will provide Millennials with the right technology to keep your business moving.”

Other benefits of SaaS-based systems appeal to Millennials:

  • Conducting business with service providers across the globe, and leveraging data in the cloud to evaluate performance of those providers
  • Providing real-time visibility to transactions and communications with business partners
  • Enabling simplified collarboration with vendors, carriers and shippers via online networks

CustomsNow offers CPB-approved ABI software that is delivered via the SaaS model.  Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.


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