More details on federal shutdown’s impact on CBP

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.29.19 PMSo how does the current federal government shutdown specifically impact US Customs’ operations?  It’s difficult to expect complete and timely information from CBP since — naturally — that agency’s communications are hampered by the shutdown, although CBP was able to report yesterday, via CSMS, that all Client Representatives offices would be closed.

Luckily, Global Trade Academy has posted a fairly comprehensive list of what CBP functions/offices continue to remain open for business despite the shutdown, such as the CEEs, revenue collection, and FDA and APHIS.  The full listing was obtained from the CEO of AAEI.

Since only about 10% of US Customs’ employees will be furloughed during the shutdown, the impact is not as severe as in other federal departments.

It is too early to speculate whether the shutdown will affect CBP’s East Coast Trade Symposium, slated for October 24 and 25.


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  1. Published in an email today from USA-ITA:
    According to [Fish and Wildlife Service], FWS is open and processing shipments, but all shipments declared from 10/01/2013 until resolution of the shutdown must be processed manually. To process your shipment, a hard copy FWS must be submitted with accompanying documentation. FWS will not be processing any shipments electronically. In addition, FWS will only process payments in the form of a check.

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