CBP to modify ESAR test for PSCs filed in ACE

In response to comments from the trade, US Customs is modifying its Entry Summary, Accounts and Revenue (ESAR IV) test program for processing post-summary corrections (PSCs) via ACE.  Among the changes, effective on December 19, 2013, are the following:

  • The original entry summary filer, and any subsequent PSC filer, will have full access, via ACE reporting, to all entry summary data contained in any subsequent PSC filed (even if more than one PSC is filed for a particular entry).   CBP will notify these parties when the first or any subsequent PSC is filed.
  • These data elements will be added to those fields that cannot be changed via PSC:
    • Date of Entry
    • Bond
    • Surety Code
  • Filing rule changes:
    • A PSC cannot be made:
      • On entries that have been protested
      • When any merchandise covered by the original entry has been conditionally released and its right to admission has not been determined
    • If filing the PSC will result in 1) the original entry (type 01) being changed to AD/CVD entry (type 03), or 2)  a AD/CVD entry that results in additional AD/CVD duties due, the importer of record must deposit the associated AD/CVD duties when the PSC is filed.
  • The original bond and surety remain on an entry for which a PSC is filed.

Comments concerning this notice should be submitted via email to Monica Crockett at ESARinfoinbox@dhs.gov. Please indicate “ESAR IV (Post-Summary Corrections Processing)” in the subject line of your email.




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