CBP updates the Simplified Entry pilot program

Effective November 4, 2013, US Customs has made changes to the Simplified Entry pilot program which launched in 2011:

  • CBP has changed the name of the program to “ACE Cargo Release Test” to reflect the addition of enhance functionality for:
    • automated corrections and cancellations
    • split shipments
    • in-bond cargo
    • quantity less than full manifested bill quantity (if no in-bond)
  • CBP has loosened the program’s eligibility so that direct filing importers and customs brokers no longer need to be participants in the C-TPAT program
  • The program is now open to all eligible participants for  an indefinite period, up from a 14-day period
  • CBP has added 3 new data elements to be filed in ACE Cargo Release:  Port of Entry, In-Bond (if applicable) and Bill Quantity



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