Recent ACE updates

seal_aceFrom US Customs’ November 2013 “ACEopedia”….

New ACE functionality deployed on November 2, 2013 includes:

  • ACE Cargo Release (also known as Simplified Entry) pilot enhancements that allow electronic entry corrections and cancellations, integration of in-bond movements, split shipments (hold all and immediate delivery), and partial quantities (without in-bond) and an update of the ACE Cargo Release user interface for CBP users. (see more details here).
  • The software code necessary to support PGA Message Set pilots with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and a single accept/reject message for the Entry Summary response to trade filers. The PGA Message Set pilots are scheduled to begin in early FY 2014.
  • Entry Summary Validations related to Harbor Maintenance Fees and Classification
  • Streamlined findings input for CBP Agriculture Specialists.

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