Faster, better access to AD/CVD instructions

seal_aceUS Customs has announced the launch of an updated website,, that improves the experience of users searching for antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) instructions.

The website is fed automatically with data from ACE, the system of record for AD/CVD messages and case information, and provides information on:

  • AD/CVD cash deposits
  • Liquidation
  • Scope rulings
  • Other public AD/CVD instructions

ACE users can also access this information directly from the ACE portal.  Moreover, ACE account holders can view “extensive AD/CVD official case information,” such as:

  • AD/CVD case numbers
  • Exporter and manufacturer names
  • AD/CVD cash deposit rates

Tax law changes hit maquiladora industry

mexico-flagOn January 1, 2014, a series of tax reform measures took effect in Mexico that have widespread impact on the country’s maquiladora operations along the US border, which account for 85% of Mexico’s manufacturing exports.

As reported in CGMA Magazine, among the changes are:

  • Tightening the definition what constitutes a “maquiladora”
  • Eliminating the maquiladoras’ exemption from VAT on imported materials and replacing it with a tax credit
  • Increasing the VAT in Mexico’s border states from 11% to 16%, in line with the rest of the country

After outcry from the maquiladora industry, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto issued a decree that addressed some of these concerns, including:

  • Imposing a two-year period that permits foreign owners to meet the criteria of the new definition of “maquiladora”
  • Allowing maquiladoras to claim the VAT credit in the month the VAT is paid (rather than the following month)

However,  in his decree, Peña Nieto also abolished income tax exemptions for maquiladoras, so their tax rate will increase from 17.5% to the standard 30% Mexican tax rate.



Omitted invoice? Don’t use PSC process

genericInvoiceIn CSMS #14-000027, US Customs reminds the trade not to use a Post-Summary Correction (PSC) (or PEA) filing to submit invoices that were omitted from an entry filing.  Rather, filers should file a new entry with the missing invoice(s).

CBP will revise the ACE Entry Summary Business Rules and Process document to reflect this process and will post a CSMS when complete.




Attend next week’s Annual State of the LA/LB Port & CBP Update

owit_oc_logo_smOn January 9, Women in Trade – Orange County is hosting the Annual State of the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport event with a panel of the following speakers from US Customs LA/LB officials:

  • Todd Owen – Director, Field Operations
  • Carlos Martel – Port Director LA/LB Seaport
  • Elva Muneton – Assistant Port Director, Trade

Also participating in the roundtable will be:

  • Dan Solis, Director of LA District of Import Operations, FDA
  • Hank Tapy, Director, Western Region, Office of Import Surveillance & Inspection, CPSC

Discussion topics will include:

  • Headlines of 2013 — Year in Review
  • Current Updates for Trade Compliance
  • Forecast of Trade Issues, Challenges & Priorities for 2014
  • Expected Operational Changes at National and Port Locations
  • Risk Assessment Methodologies
  • New CPCS and FDA Regulations and Standards
  • Import/Export Exams, Investigations and Inspections
  • Centers of Excellence & Expertise (CEE)

Register for this event to be held in Newport Beach.