Newly modified ISF enforcement guidance — fact or fiction?


Recently, US Customs issued CSMS 14-000283 which purports to modify guidance to the ports regarding ISF enforcement.  Specifically, the announcement stated, in its entirety,  that:

[o]n May 13, CBP issued updated guidance to the ports regarding enforcement of the Importer Security Filing. The purpose of the guidance is to clarify and enhance current enforcement activity. The issuance of the updated guidance resets the 12-month Headquarters review period. For questions regarding this guidance please contact a local CBP Port of Entry.

We reached out to the CBP office at Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport Complex for more information, and received the following from the Advance Target Unit:

There are no changes since the ISF Enforcement Public Bulletin.  Please see attachment.  If you have any specific questions concerning ISF, you may send an email with those inquiries.

The attachment was a memo dated July 12, 2013, from LA & LB field office, LA&LB ISF Enforcement Procedures, about enhanced ISF enforcement that was to commence last summer.

This reply seems to contradict CSMS 14-000283, but perhaps this is limited to the LA/LB field office.  Is there anyone in the trade can clarify this apparent incongruity?



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