CBP: Stricter ISF enforcement policy at LA/LB seaport

cargoshipsEffective October 1, 2014, US Customs officials at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport have further tightened ISF enforcement.  In particular, seaport personnel

“…will be increasing their enforcement posture for ISF no-file shipments.  CBP will continue to place manifest holds on all cargo (full container loads and consolidated loads) that do not have an ISF on file, 72 hours before vessel arrival at the LA/LB seaport.  CBP will manually monitor the existing holds to ensure that the ISF information has been filed.” (emphasis added)

This new policy narrows by one full day the window of compliance, which since July 2013 had been 48 hours before vessel arrival at the seaport.  (ISF rules require that all ISF information on a shipment bound for the US be submitted to CBP 24 prior to lading on the vessel on at the foreign port).

The official policy change is documented in CSMS #14-000520.


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