ACE’s “Single Window” to modernize PGA interactions for importers

seal_aceImporters whose cargo release is conditioned on the approval of PGAs are currently awash in paperwork and delays.  But relief is coming soon though ACE.  As noted in US Customs’ January 2015 ACEopedia:

“Forty-seven agencies are involved in the trade process and among these agencies, nearly 200 forms are required for imports and exports. The current processes are largely paper-based and require information to be keyed into multiple electronic systems. As a result, importers and exporters are often required to submit the same data to multiple agencies at multiple times. The Single Window initiative, originally established under the International Trade Data System (ITDS), is the effort to create a single system, so that multiple paper processes can be eliminated and importers and exporters will only have to file information once, to one system.”

Nearly one year ago, President Obama signed an Executive Order directing the 47 PGAs to utilize ITDS by December 2016.

Per the ACEopedia, here are the key technical capabilities in ACE for PGAs:

Interoperability Web Service

The pipeline through which data is transmitted between CBP and PGAs. This capability enables improved information sharing and faster decision making by the Government.

PGA Message Set

Document Image System

The consolidated set of data to be collected electronically from trade partners by CBP on behalf of government agencies. Data submitted in this manner will replace the myriad paper forms required by multiple agencies.

Allows trade partners to supply supporting documentation electronically as image files to CBP and PGAs. DIS integrates with the ACE Secure Data Portal, allowing authorized personnel access to images to perform coordinated reviews.


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