ACE: Air manifest phase-in extended through June 6

seal_aceIn follow up to our recent post on this topic, following is an update from US Customs dispatched in CSMS #15-0000249:

UPDATE:  The deadline for ACE Air Manifest continues to be May 1st and CBP will continue routing trade manifest submissions to both ACE Air Manifest and the legacy AMS.  However, CBP is providing flexibility for the trade to test the system through June 6th when Air AMS will be phased out.

Accordingly, ABI Air Inbond filers will continue to use QX/WX to allow the air industry additional time to test the system.  The effective date for changing from QX/WX to QP/WP is June 7, 2015.

All ABI filers will continue to use the IN query to query Air Bills.  The CQ query for air manifests will be available on June 7, 2015.  Both of these changes are posted to and filers are encouraged to test in the Certification environment.

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ACE Queries: Cargo, Manifest, Entry, Release, In-Bonds… Oh my!

ace screen

Did you know that very soon there will be powerful ACE query for those with access to an ACE-certified ABI system?  This ACE query, called “ACE Cargo/Manifest/Entry/Release Query” or “CQ”, will provide those in the the supply chain with a “need to know” quick and easy shipment status information.

What types of statuses?  Brokers and self-filing importers can easily query their own entries and entry summaries to ensure release, as before.  However, the better news is that others involved in the supply chain can query the status of ANY in-bond shipment, and ocean, rail, truck, or air waybill manifest information.

Plus, with ACE, CustomsNow™ is seeing additional information being returned in these queries such as in-bond status, in-bond origin and destination ports, and more.  This new visibility can be crucial to those with an interest in moving the goods, such as a bonded warehouse, or a bonded trucker who relies heavily accurate information being on file with CBP prior to dispatch.

CBP currently has this functionality in “certification” with a live release date coming soon (see CSMS# 15-000226).

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cscmp socalThe Southern California Roundtable of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals is hosting its first annual Supply Chain & Technology Summit on Thursday, May 21 in Los Angeles.  Hear firsthand from the CEOs of the hottest supply chain start-ups, as well as top industry professionals, how and why the supply chain industry is able to embrace change at a pace never before thought possible.

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ACE: CBP webinar for air manifest filers on April 29

seal_aceStarting May 3, ACE will become the system of record for all air import manifests transmitted to US Customs, and the legacy AMS system will no longer be available for processing of air manifests.

On April 29, join other air manifest filers on US Customs’ webinar to discuss the ins and outs of the transition to ACE.   The webinar will also provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions regarding air manifest changes deployed in ACE on January 3, 2015.

The free webinar runs from 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET.  To participate, log on at at the designated start time.  Although registration is not required, participation will be limited to the first 1,000 participants.


ACE: Updates on Cargo Release and Entry Summary



The deadline of November 1, 2015, for the filing of all entries in ACE is rapidly approaching.  Here is a quick recap of where things stand at this time.

ACE Cargo Release

CBP and ABI software providers are diligently working on ACE Cargo Release functionality.  Today, you can file ACE Cargo Release for entry types 01, 03, and 11, in almost all ports for all modes of transportation (see our previous blog post as well as CSMS# 15-000198).  Some of the most compelling features are:

  • Corrections & Cancellations
  • Partial Quantities
  • In-Bonds
  • Split Shipments
  • Query entries via ABI
  • Certified from Summary
  • Single filing to include Importer Security Filing (ISF) data (ocean)

However, there are limitations on ACE Cargo Release which are listed below.  Almost all of these restrictions should be lifted on June 27, 2015, after Deployment E (Increment 9.)

  • Remote Location Filing for brokers
  • AII/EIP processing for self-filers
  • Entry Types 02, 06, 07, 12, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 52
  • Participating Government Agency declarations for:
    • AMS – Agriculture & Marketing Service
    • EPA – Ozone Depleting Substances
    • EPA – Vehicles
    • FDA – Regular
    • FDA – Prior Notice for Food
    • FWS – Deploying January, 2016
    • NHTSA – DOT
    • USDA – FSIS

The Diversion Process is scheduled for January 2016.  You will no longer have to cancel an entry if the carrier decides to call a different port.  Simply change the port of entry and away you go!

ACE Entry Summary

Like ACE Cargo Release, you can only file entry types 01, 03, and 11 at this time.  In June, the additional entry types will be allowed including 02, 06, 07, 12, 21, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 38, 51, 52.

Reconciliation processing is scheduled for January 2016.  Drawback, Protest and more are scheduled for July 2016.

Many of our clients are already enjoying some of the increased functionality offered with ACE include entry type corrections, split shipment processing, and Post Summary Corrections.  After the June 27 implementation, we anticipate most, if not all, of our clients will be filing their Cargo Release and Entry Summaries in ACE.

NAPlease contact Nic Adams, Vice President, Client Services at CustomsNow™  if you would like to learn more about ACE and its many benefits to the trade.   (nic.adams (AT) customsnow (DOT) com).

ACE: PSC process is a breeze for correcting entry type

seal_aceRecently, a client of CustomsNow™ inadvertently filed an ‘01’ type entry for product that was subject to ADD (type ‘03′).  In the past, the importer could correct this only by requesting that CBP cancel the original entry (a manual process which can take several days) and create a new, corrected, entry.

Fortunately, however, the client is direct filing their entry summaries in ACE and we were able to show them how to make the correction using the Post Summary Correction process.  What used to be an arduous process is now a very simple fix.  One of the many benefits of ACE filing….

ACE: Less than 30 days until first mandatory deadline!


seal_aceace deadlines








To the trade:  It’s getting serious, folks!

The first of the three deadlines for ACE — mandatory filing of all electronic manifestskicks in on May 1, a little over three weeks from now.  US Customs has just published detailed guidance on the specifics for complying with these deadlines that all shippers must know and follow.  In sum:

  • To get ready for May 1 transition, confirm that your customs broker (or for direct filers, your ABI software provider)  is using updated software to enable manifest data to be transmitted in accordance with the latest CBP technical guidelines.
  • For the November 1, 2015 deadline, make sure you understand what software changes — and process changes for any paper filings — are required for imports involving PGA approvals.  There’s a lot of detail here.
  • For the final deadline, full use of ACE for all electronic filings by October 1, 2016, continue to monitor CBP updates.

Don’t get left behind!






ACE Cargo Release available at nearly all ports

At long last, US Customs has announced that all ocean, rail and airports are accepting ACE Cargo Release (formerly known as Simplified Entry).  All truck ports will soon follow on April 13 (truck ports currently accepting ACE Cargo Release include Blaine, WA; Brownsville, TX; Buffalo, NY; Champlain, NY; Detroit, MI; Del Rio, TX; Eagle Pass, TX; El Paso, TX; Laredo, TX; Nogales, AZ; and Port Huron, MI)

As noted in the accompanying CBP chart, capabilities for handling PGA data and Remote Location Filing (RLF) at all ports are coming soon.

Cargo Release Capabilities by Mode_3