ACE: Less than 30 days until first mandatory deadline!


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To the trade:  It’s getting serious, folks!

The first of the three deadlines for ACE — mandatory filing of all electronic manifestskicks in on May 1, a little over three weeks from now.  US Customs has just published detailed guidance on the specifics for complying with these deadlines that all shippers must know and follow.  In sum:

  • To get ready for May 1 transition, confirm that your customs broker (or for direct filers, your ABI software provider)  is using updated software to enable manifest data to be transmitted in accordance with the latest CBP technical guidelines.
  • For the November 1, 2015 deadline, make sure you understand what software changes — and process changes for any paper filings — are required for imports involving PGA approvals.  There’s a lot of detail here.
  • For the final deadline, full use of ACE for all electronic filings by October 1, 2016, continue to monitor CBP updates.

Don’t get left behind!






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