ACE: It’s for exports, too!


While much of the fanfare over ACE relates to importing, exporters will also see significant changes.  From US Customs’ October 2015 ACEopedia:


  • Export capabilities in ACE will incorporate those of the legacy Automated Export System (AES), while establishing a single automated processing platform for all export commodity, manifest, and licensing data (not to overlap with USXPORTS functionality*).
  • Export functionality in ACE will enable CBP and Partner Government Agency (PGA) processing needs to be met for all modes of transportation (air, rail, sea and truck), and support the President’s National Export Initiative and Export Control Reform (ECR) Initiative. By working with partner software vendors, exporters will be able to interface with ACE to file all necessary export data and supplementary information.


  • Migration of commodity filing system, AES, to new ACE platform moves closer toward a Single Window filing system for import and export data
  • Incorporates Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) license control updates to include State Department licenses now under the authority of BIS
  • Incorporates Census regulatory changes, for which enforced compliance went into effect on October 3, 2014


  • All Modes – Ability to accept and process commodity data
  • Air, Rail & Ocean – Manifest processing**


  • Transition of AESDirect into ACE
* USXPORTS is an interagency program established by Department of Defense to address export license processing.


** Trade members interested in participating in the export manifest pilots should reference the Federal Register Notices (FRNs). FRNs have been published for the initiation of ocean and air export manifest pilots. The FRN for the rail export manifest pilot is currently pending. 


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